About Us

We know firsthand what's most important when it comes to helping clients reach their goals: a trainer who is invested in them and able to provide an enjoyable training experience.

About The Trainory

While it's many trainers' dream to be able to train from anywhere - studio, beach, or even on top of a mountain - we also know how difficult it can be to run an online personal training business. In between training sessions, you still need to juggle all the billing, communications, scheduling (and re-scheduling).

When my wife decided to take her personal training business online, she soon became overwhelmed by the additional work it required to support her business and keep it running smoothly.

I went in search of a tool to help her, but the only ones I found were either cumbersome or incomplete. It made me realize that there was a need for better and easier tool…. and that’s why I decided to create The Trainory.

Online personal training business
Personal trainers run their businesses from anywhere

The Trainory is a digital platform that helps personal trainers run their businesses from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Whether you prefer an app in the palm of your hand or to be able to access your account from a computer - we've got you covered.

With The Trainory, managing clients has never been easier; streamlining session scheduling, billing, and communications so you can spend more time training and less time behind your desk.

Clients can log in online and book their sessions in advance (from wherever they are). To reserve a session time, they pre-pay using Stripe. This removes you (the trainer) from the scheduling process and eliminates the need to bill and collect from your client.

When it’s time for the session to begin, both the Trainer and Client log-in to their Trainory account where they meet via a private live video feed. In between sessions, you can even message each other using The Trainroy’s built in chat tool.