The Ultimate Live Online Personal
Training Solution

As a personal trainer, you know the importance of staying ahead of the curve by finding new and innovative ways to keep clients engaged, motivated, and track their progress. You can now offer live online personal training sessions to your clients anywhere in the world, directly from The Trainory.

How can The Trainory change your business?

With the convenience of virtual personal training, more and more people are looking to reach their fitness goals through home workouts.

Whether you're looking to offer live training sessions to your existing clients, or you're looking to start a brand-new online training business from scratch, The Trainory is here to help you.

Our live online personal training software makes it easy for trainers and clients to connect in real-time allowing each session to still be an authentic personalized training experience.

What Sets the Trainory Apart from Other Live Online Training Software?

Have you thought about taking your personal training business online, but you're not 100% convinced? Well, we’re sure your clients would be happy to have virtual personal training! And here are just some of the benefits The Trainory has to offer to you:

0% Commission

The Trainory allows you to increase your profitability. Unlike gyms and some other online fitness platforms, we won’t charge you a commission, so you get to keep 100% of your bill rate.

Direct live streaming

With our live online training software , there is no need to subscribe to and pay for a third-party live streaming service. You can live stream your training sessions directly from The Trainory.

Maintain the true experience

You can still maintain a high-quality training experience for your clients. With the ability to give real-time feedback, you'll be able to provide a more personal experience for your clients.

Ready to take the next step?

What Types of Exercises Can Be Done Via Live Online Personal Training?

We're sure you're familiar with the many different types of fitness training that can be done in person – group classes, personal training, bootcamps, and the like – but what about fitness training that can be done online? Believe it or not, there are a ton of different types of fitness training that can be done using live online training software; and they all require minimal equipment if any at all. Here are just a few:

Bodyweight training

Bodyweight training

Bodyweight training is a great type of exercise to do online because there is no expensive equipment required for either you or your clients. Just you and your clients using your own body weight as resistance.


Another popular type of online fitness that is fast growing in demand is Pilates. This mind-body, core-strengthening exercise is one of the best for overall fitness and health. While some Pilates exercises may require some equipment, these can easily be substituted by things already in your home.



If you want to offer a more challenging type of workout that incorporates cardio and strength training, CrossFit’s high-intensity interval training program is a great type of exercise that could be easily done as a home workout online.


Yoga is very versatile and low-impact, and it's easy to modify poses to use bodyweight resistance to make them harder or easier. With little to no equipment required, it makes it a great option for online workouts.



From ballet to hip-hop and so many dance genres in between, dance is a fun way to exercise, get fit, and keep your clients engaged in your workouts.

Many of these exercises can easily be adjusted to suit the level of intensity your clients are looking for. For example, you could offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes to suit every fitness level – the more clients you can cater to, the better. As your clients get stronger, they will have more motivation to join the more advanced classes.

Live Streaming Sessions: How it Works

In keeping with the true purpose of The Trainory's live online training platform, setting up and streaming your sessions are designed to be as easy as possible. Schedule, manage requests, and stream all from one convenient platform.

Live Streaming Sessions: How it Works

Setting up a group session

First, make sure you set up the various group classes you would like to offer under the Price Tab under the Finance section of the menu. Add your different group sessions under the Group Sessions Management drop-down and include the duration of the live sessions and the price.

From there, navigate to your calendar and select the time slot in which you want to set your group session. A pop-up will appear where you can select the workout type (which will include the type of exercise, the cost, and session duration) and how often you would like to repeat this workout type each week.

Once you click the “CREATE SESSION” button, the session will automatically be added to your calendar and clients will be able to book their spots.

Managing 1-on-1 requests from clients

Clients can request a 1-on-1 session by selecting an available time slot on your calendar and pre-paying for their session. You can then review, approve, or decline any request from your calendar under the Session Request Tab.

Approved requests will automatically be added to your calendar.

If a client has requested a time that you won’t be able to accommodate, you can decline the request and suggest an alternative time via the chat or email feature.

How to begin live streaming your session

To kickstart a session, simply click on the appointment in your calendar and click Join Session. You can also join a session by going to the Video Conferencing page.

Only clients that have signed up and paid for your session are able to join. Once you have started your training session, clients will join automatically as they sign in – no need to pause your session to let any late entries in.

When you reach the end of the session, simply click End Session. Now you can take a quick breather, you did a great job.

Check out our affordable pricing plans and start growing your online fitness training business today!